Home Invasion Seminars, June 8, Saturday, 9 or 1 PM.

home invasion.jpg

TRENO would like to pass on this important training session that is FREE to Palm Springs neighbors. Chuck Menley who trains our police also does seminars on home invasions. He is well known and an expert on how to prepare your home so it is not as assessable for a break in. Also, he will train you what to do if someone brakes into your home while you are present which is critical for your own safety and your family. There will be 2 sessions on Saturday June 8th at the PS Police Training Center. They last for 2 hours and the first one is at 9 and the other is at 1 PM. 

If you are interested you can sign up directly or ask further questions to Mr. Menley who has the tile of Range Master. He is employed by our city and his email address is Chuck.Menley@palmspringsca.gov. His phone number is 760-323-8108. I urge you to consider this opportunity and it is FREE to Palm Springs residents.