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As a member of Tahquitz River Estates Neighborhood Organization, TRENO, you must provide written consent in order to receive official communications from, and to send official communications to, TRENO via electronic transmission. This consent form will allow TRENO to send you meeting notices and annual reports and provide you with copies of other TRENO documents by electronic transmission (e-mail and posting on TRENO’s website and social media platforms, with a separate email notice of the posting). It also allows you to send information to TRENO via the same methods. Before signing this consent form, please review and be aware of the following: 1. You are not required to sign this form. You may request that meeting notices and other matters of official business be sent to you via regular mail. 2. You have the right to withdraw your written consent at any time after signing this form by providing TRENO with written notice that you are withdrawing your consent relative to electronic transmission. No fee will be charged for withdrawing your consent. 3. This consent to electronic transmission is broad, and may include transmission of meeting notices, annual reports and other important information regarding TRENO. This consent form represents consent under California Corporations Code Sections 20 and 21 (electronic transmission by and to the corporation). This consent form also meets the requirements for consent under the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 U.S.C. Sec. 7001(c)(1)). 4. Consenting to electronic transmission via e-mail requires that you have access to a computer, have a current e-mail account in your name and have provided your current e-mail address to TRENO. *

Benefits of Being an Active Member of TRENO

By joining you can:

  • Get to know your neighbors.

  • Enjoy the feeling of belonging to the neighborhood where you live.

  • Work with neighbors to maintain and improve quality of life in our neighborhood.

  • Be part of our unified effort to educate City government on issues important to our neighborhood.

  • Stay informed about what’s happening when you opt in to receive emails and newsletters.

  • Write a blog post for about a topic of interest or importance to neighbors.

  • Participate in Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings.

  • Join neighbors at Social Gatherings throughout the year.

  • Help select neighbors to serve on the TRENO Board of Directors by voting in the annual election.

  • Hold positions on TRENO’s Board of Directors and project committees.

  • Vote on matters pertaining to the structure and governance of the organization.

  • Help promote our neighborhood by telling the story of the important role played in Palm Springs history.

  • Help protect the tranquil desert environment for residents living within the boundaries of TRENO.

  • Represent the neighborhood at City meetings.