How 14 Tons of Junk Launched the Tahquitz Creek Yacht Club

Tahquitz Creek Yacht Club

The Wash is a much loved treasure and a unique resource in the Tahquitz River Neighborhood. For that we can thank Bill Post and his allies at the Tahquitz Creek Yacht Club. Here’s why. Many years ago, Tahquitz Creek was idyllic. Residents picnicked and sunbathed along its banks, and the adventurous waded or floated on inner tubes in a natural stream that was fed, in part, by mountain runoff. But eventually (more than 40 years ago) flash floods forced officials to dam the creek, and over time the wash turned filthy. Then, about 12 years ago, neighbors banded together to clean up the wash, and trash trucks hauled away 14 tons of junk, including refrigerators, an unbelievable amount of construction materials, TV sets and just about every other piece of garbage you can image. This initial clean-up effort led to the creation of the Tahquitz Creek Yacht Club, a coalition of four Palm Springs neighborhoods -- Tahquitz River Estates, Warm Sands, Deepwell and Tennis Club -- that was established in 2006 to ensure that the “wash” is a safe and enjoyable setting for all. Volunteers gather monthly to clean and help preserve this wonderful neighborhood resource, making it an ideal place to stroll, run, bike, and walk dogs all year long. 

Join the Club for Tahquitz Creek Clean-Up. It’s the 3rd Saturday of each month. Volunteers gather by the Camino Real pedestrian bridge at South Riverside Drive. Start time: 8:00 a.m. (October to May) and 7:00 a.m. (June to September). 

TRENO uses proceeds from our Modernism Home Tour to make contributions to local non-profit organizations like the Tahquitz Creek Yacht Club. The Club relies on donations to pay for garbage bags, light equipment, heavy duty gloves and protective gear used by volunteers. To make a donation or learn more, contact:

P.O. Box 4383
Palm Springs, CA 92263

Visit on Facebook: Tahquitz Creek Yacht Club