Superbloom Explodes Across the Desert!

This spring, the oasis will burst into colors as desert wildflowers bring a "super bloom" to Palm Springs and Southern California, and we have your guide to seeing Greater Palm Springs in full bloom!

While the oasis blooms with colorful wildflowers and luscious greenery in 2019, it's the perfect time to plan a wildflower-inspired trip to Greater Palm Springs. Here's everything you need to know on where to see wildflowers in Palm Springs and beyond.

Where to Find Wildflowers Near Palm Springs

Whether it's adventuring on trails or taking a guided tour, you can find flowers blooming everywhere right now. In fact, experts are saying we should have a strong super bloom season with a peak set to flourish in March through April.

Self-Guided Tour

The oasis is known for its vast hiking trails that swoop in and out of the desert mountains. Below are a few of the top places in Greater Palm Springs where visitors can explore the fields of yellow and purple desert flowers.

Martin and Barrows encourage visitors to experience these beautiful desert spring flowers but to also "be mindful to stay on the trails" during your wildflower hunt. Below are recommendations for wildflower hikes around Greater Palm Springs.

Coachella Valley Preserve | Thousand PalmsKnown as a hidden gem of palm trees, the Coachella Valley Preserve has an array of beautiful flowers all over this vast expanse of nature. This is the perfect place to get an Instagram-worthy shot!

The Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Visitor Center | Palm Desert

Learn about wildflowers at this Visitor Center nestled against a backdrop of desert mountains. Here, you'll find flowers like Brown-eyed Primrose, Beavertail Cacti, Fishhook Cacti and Barrel Cacti.  

The La Quinta Cove to Lake Trail | La Quinta

This is one of the best trails in La Quinta to find wild plants growing alongside the trail. Throughout your 6.6-mile hike, you'll find blooms such as the Desert Five-Spot and the Ghost Flower. Plus, you might just spot a bighorn sheep!

Lykken Trail | Palm Springs

About a mile to two miles into Lykken Trail, hikers will reach a peak called "Vista Point." Here, visitors can spot Desert Sunflowers growing alongside the mountain. Further along the trail, hikers are also treated to a stunning view of the oasis. 

East Indio Hills Badlands | Indio

This 4.7-mile hike through rock terrain is alive with yellow and purple petals. Desert wildflowers are in full bloom here.