Residential Signage Proposal for Tahquitz River Estates

Tahquitz River Estates is the largest neighborhood in Palm Springs with over 1100 residences, with the addition of the former Cameron Project, now called Cody Place an additional 200+ residences will be added to that figure. You’d think with all that size and growth, but very few visitors, let alone full-time residents know that we exist or where we are. This is a branding problem that can be solved with a new logo, blade signs and Residential Monumentation.

Currently, from my Google Search, approximately 10 Palm Springs neighborhoods have residential signage/monumentation, including most of the well known ones.

The primary objectives of the proposed signage system are as follows:

  • Greet visitors with an attractive signage design that makes a good first impression and reinforces the community identity;

  • Helps motorists, cyclists, and bicyclists to navigate around the City and enhance the visitor’s experience;

  • Promote economic development by highlighting key destinations, including attractions, commercial centers, parks, and entertainment venues (potential);

  • Heighten visibility and star of Tahquitz River Estates, increasing property values.

Location Possibilities

  • New island on Palm Canyon Blvd

  • Cody Place Property