Cameron Project Landscape Plan APPROVED Subject to Conditions and Amendments

The proposed interim landscape plan for the perimeter of the Cameron project was the focus of the AAC meeting on June 18 and a revised plan was on the agenda of the AAC meeting on July 16. At the July 16 meeting, the AAC recommended approval of the proposed interim landscape plan subject to conditions proposed by staff but with amendments.

Conditions for Approval

  1. The proposed tubular steel fence shall be six feet (6’) high and painted black and will be installed behind the landscape area.
  2. The proposed landscape plan shall include a minimum of two varieties of trees; increase the minimum tree sizes with varying heights capable of screening the site from view.
  3. The proposed landscape to include drought-tolerant shrubs between the trees to provide effective screening of the site.
  4. Proposed trees shall have varying sizes between 15 gallons and 24 inch box trees.

Amendments to Conditions

  • A minimum of 50 percent of the shade trees shall be a 24-inch box size; the remainder may be 15-gallon size. 
  • A minimum of 50 percent of the shrubs shall be five-gallon size. 
  • Add two more varieties of shrubs (in addition to the selected varieties). 

To see the plot/planting plan/concept images and learn about mandated enhancements, visit:


The Director of Planning Services informed City Council members of the AAC recommendation following the meeting. The Director informed TRENO that the intent is to start installation in September once the weather cools down.