The Neighborhood Identification Blade Sign Program

As you drive through Palm Springs, you'll notice something distinctive about many street signs: a “topper” that serves as a neighborhood name badge. These are referred to as “blade” signs or “blades.”  

In December 2008, the City established a program to identify officially recognized neighborhood organizations by attaching “blade” signs with the name of the neighborhood atop existing street signs. The program was established to help foster a sense of pride in one’s neighborhood as well as a sense of belonging. The signs celebrate history and are intended to help people gain a broader sense of the Palm Springs communities. The “Tahquitz River Neighborhood” design, for example, pays homage to our Tahquitz Creek heritage. 

The Neighborhood Identification Blade Sign Program is an outgrowth of the 2005 city ordinance enacted to assist in organizing neighborhood associations for better communication between the city offices and residents. Neighborhood organizations like TRENO that are active with the City’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement are eligible to participate. Some residents have asked how this works. Following is an explanation. 

Using City-provided specifications, a neighborhood organization submits its design for approval, purchases a quantity of signs directly from a manufacturer, and provides the signs to the City along with a neighborhood map that shows where they would like the signs installed. Then the City attaches the “blades” atop existing street signs. The cost to design and produce neighborhood signs as well as to repair and replace them is the responsibility of the neighborhood organization.

Our neighborhood is one of the City’s largest in terms of geographic area and the number of residences, businesses and churches located within its borders. Given limited resources, initial signs were put up mostly along the boundary of the neighborhood. Blades atop street signs within the neighborhood boundary have been “gifted” by residents living near those sign locations. 

Our hope is that the “blades” serve as a reminder of the important role our neighborhood has played in the history of Palm Springs and that they contribute to positive impressions of residents and visitors as they enter and exit the Tahquitz River Estates Neighborhood.