Cameron Project Moves Ahead to beautify its borders with new sidewalks, landscaping, wrought iron fence and more!

South Palm Canyon Drive (Mesquite to Bridge)

South Palm Canyon Drive (Mesquite to Bridge)

Work is underway at the Cameron project site and will continue throughout the summer. (This is very exciting - thank you Woodbridge Pacific Group for moving things along on behalf of the property owner.) My understanding is that by September 1, the following activities will be finished. 

South Palm Canyon Drive

1) Widen the road 

2) Relocate/install palm trees 

3) Install landscape and lighting conduits 

4) Remove and replace curbs/gutters/sidewalks 

 5) Construct landscaped Median Island 

6) Relocate and modify a portion of the existing traffic signal at the Intersection of South Palm Canyon Drive and Mesquite Avenue

Mesquite Ave

1) Create westbound right turn lane onto Palm Canyon 

Cameron Project Temporary Streetscape Plan 

"The temporary streetscape along Mesquite Ave. and Random Road that I have referenced in previous posts will be completed after the Palm Canyon public improvements. Plans for landscaping along Mesquite Ave. and Random Road must be reviewed/approved by the City Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC). When I know when a date has been set for review of the plans by the AAC, I will post meeting info on Nextdoor.

Eric Borsum