Ban on Gas Leaf Blowers in Palm Springs - Jan. 1st, 2019

The City of Palm Springs have established an ordinance to ban all gas leaf blowers effective as of January 1, 2019. Only electric blowers will be allowed and the PS Municipal Code allows blowing from 8 AM to 8 PM in residential zones. The code also spells out that blowing debris onto neighbors properties is prohibited as well as blowing debris onto adjacent street. 

This came out of many PS neighbors complaining with the noise level of gas blowers as well as the pollution they cause. The ONE-PS's ecology committee studied other cites in the valley and found many have enacted a similar ban. 

In order to compensate you and your gardeners, there is a trade to exchange gas for electric leaf blowers. You can sign up for this exchange at AQMD.GOV/SIGN-UP. If you have further questions or comments, you can direct them to or call 760-323-8214. There is a web site for additional information at The City provides a brochure that is in both English and Spanish. 

—By Paul Crippan