Welcome to Tahquitz River Estates Neighborhood
the most diverse in all of Palm Springs!
The neighborhood sits on both sides of the Tahquitz “wash” just south of central Palm Springs. It was not always called Tahquitz River Estates. In the early 1930's, the first development was called Palos Verdes Estates and is still populated with charming "Old Palm Springs" Spanish revival homes. Some of these bungalows were under construction even before Palm Springs became incorporated back in 1938!
Photo courtesy of Mojave Rock Ranch
In 1947, when the banks of the Tahquitz Wash were stabilized, a famous Mid-Century builder from Los Angeles, Paul Trousdale, developed homes on either side of the banks, and called them "Tahquitz River Estates".


Modern Day Trousdale

The future Tahquitz Creek Trail Master Plan was passed in April 2010, opening up the project for funding. The beauty of the desert in its natural state will one day become a place for the whole city to enjoy.

Photo by Bill Post
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